Welcome to Bethpage Assembly of God Church

We are passionate about loving God and loving people!  The community of faith was created by God to be a home away from home…A place where people can belong and grow together as a family of believers.   When you visit, I am quite sure you will find a warm and loving community just waiting to embrace you.

My wife, Darlene, and I are lifelong residents of Bethpage and have been the Lead Pastor’s since 1997.  We’ve been married for 31 years, have two wonderful children and a Bassett Hound named Teddy.   As Lead Pastor, I am committed to providing our local community of faith with sound Biblical teaching that is relevant to today’s changing times.  Darlene serves as the Director of our Kiddie Kollege Pre-school which was established in 1975.

Why not join us as we enjoy the journey of serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I promise you God’s presence can be experienced and it can change your life.  God bless you as you continue to draw close to God and discover His awesome purposes for your life.

Role of Elders

The Bible says that the Elders are to be able to preach and teach the Word of God (that is, the Bible). That is the primary function of the Elder. In that way, the Elder is much like a Pastor but he is alongside the pastor and a help to the Pastor who is the Chief “Under-shepherd” of the flock of God’s people in the congregation. Jesus, of course, is the Chief Shepherd and our model. Teaching is done both publicly and privately to all who inquire. All forms of communication are used, including emails, whenever there is a biblical question of the faith.

The Elder’s role is to make decisions with the pastor as to the spiritual and ministry direction of the Church and to vote on Church Council matters of importance. The Elders play a vital role in that they also safeguard the Church from evil influences or disruptions that may try to interfere in Church government or effective ministry. It is a system whereby the Pastor and the Elders are accountable to one another and support one another to prevent a major moral failing or disaster which might damage the Church. If, for example, the Pastor (or another Elder) were to preach or teach heresy (not very likely in this case!), it would be the Elder’s job to gently correct him and to steer the church back to orthodoxy based on the scriptures (our ultimate authority). Even though this is unlikely, the Elders still play a vital function to safeguard the truth that is taught in the Church to the Church congregation.





 Pastor Sal and Darlene Bennardo



Pastor Carmen Garcia

cARMEN - 2011

Elder Dan and Betty Collins


Elder Art and Daisy Jimenez